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GRANDO Digital Technology Co.,Ltd.

2013 is one of the most important years to the large format inkjet printer industry. That is Grando.Established in 2015 held by OSME, Grando R&D team has more than 10 years experience of manufacturing printers and technical services.

Since 2013, Grando has built huge dealer network in the world, including more than 60 dealers in every province of China and more than 50 distributors/dealers overseas, bring customers more than 4000 printers every year.

Featuring with high quality products, popular design, stable structure, and professional services, Grando has won high reputation from customers all over the world, and many customers grow their business since introduced Grando to their product line.
In future, as a leader in the Digital printer industry, our effort will be paid to more innovation and cutting edge technology.

Grando, we care about quality and service.




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Why Choose GRANDO ?

Industry experts

With more than 10 years’ history, Grando has been accumulating its expertise from manufacturing DX5 head printers to high-speed industrial printers and multi-purpose textile printers.


Grando provides one-stop solution, supporting our customers with high-quality inks and other consumables, bringing value-added choices to grow the business of partners.

Technical experience

A knowledgeable English-speaking senior engineering team has been formed with continuous efforts. It provides Grando with competitive technical advantages.

100% confidentiality

We are best supplier of the spare part of all kind of digital machineries with conditional warranty(types of spare part) and by well experienced engineer also providing trustable service.


What Our Client Says

Customer satisfaction is our first priority. what our customers say about us and our products.

  • I have purchased machinery and raw materials from OSME Impex and I couldn't be happier with my decision. Everything was done within the time frame we had agreed on and there was clear communication between us.

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    • Mahesh Ghanshyam
  • Trading with OSME has been one of the smoothest deals I have done due to the prompt and easy nature of the company. They understood my requirements and guided me for the same.

    Client Image
    • Rajendra Shah
  • I am a regular customer of OSME, ordering fabrics in bulk with them and have also dealt in machinery and ink. Their order of work and promptness in delivery is brilliant and they never disappoint.

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    • Vishal S.