Sublimation Printing Paper

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GSM 30, 45, 55, 65

Premier Sublimation Printing Paper in Surat

Make the best use of the sublimation printing machine with Grando premier sublimation printing papers. We feel proud to be a leading manufacturer of sublimation paper rolls in India to meet the business’s demand within the country and worldwide. Our commitment to delivering consistent innovation and quality has helped to gather our customers’ satisfaction.

Understand what is Sublimation Paper

The sublimation printing paper plays a crucial role in the sublimation printing process to achieve long-lasting and vibrant prints on various compatible surfaces. Sublimation printing helps to transfer the dye onto compatible surfaces like ceramics, metals, fabrics, and much more with the heat press, making it different from the traditional printing methods.

The quality of the best sublimation paper for printing is evaluated based on the heat and pressure required to release the dye, resulting in incredible photo-quality prints with unmatched long-lasting.

We at Grando offer a wide range of sublimation paper rolls designed to enhance the printing experience on a variety of compatible surfaces.

Benefits of buying sublimation Paper rolls in Surat:

  • Our rolls of sublimation paper for printing are easily available online and in-store in India. We are the first choice for businesses with high-volume projects and do not compromise on delivery.
  • The wise decision is to prefer sublimation paper rolls over sheets. It enables you to cut and use as per requirement, resulting in low wastage and efficient use of the paper rolls.
  • As the roll of sublimation paper is readily available, any personalization item can be quickly printed and delivered. Resulting in a fast turnaround time and increased productivity.

How shall one choose the best sublimation paper roll in India?

  • Width of the sublime paper: Before buying the best paper for sublimation, it is important to understand the available size of the heat transfer and the dimensions of the sublimation paper that will be required for the projects. The widely available printable sublimation paper widths are 8″, 12″, and more based on the project requirements or applications.
  • Length of the sublime paper: The length of the roll can be customized based on the requirement as per project volume. Get in touch with the team to check for availability.
  • Weight of the sublime paper: The weight or thickness of the paper is measured in GSM. We manufacture sublime paper from 80 to 120 GSM to choose the one that best fits your requirements.

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Whether you’re a small business owner, a printing enthusiast, or a large-scale manufacturer, our premium sublimation printing papers present your creativity and transform compatible surfaces into creative pieces of art. Explore our range of products, that can help to take your designs or business to the next level.

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