Direct to Fabric Digital Textile Printer

EAD : Ricoh GEN6
PRINTING WIDTH : 72.8 in.(1850mm)
INK : Dye Reactive Ink
COLOR : 4 Colors Optional

Direct to Fabric Digital Textile Printer Manufacturer In Surat

Welcome to the new revolution of textile printing!

Grando’s direct-to-fabric digital textile printers from Surat have been a part of elevating businesses. Textile digital printing machines now offer great printing capabilities with a fusion of flexibility, speed, and accuracy. Being the best digital printing machine in India, we work to transform ideas into reality with the help of cutting-edge technology.

We understand the textile industry and the rising demands for digital fabric printing in Surat, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, or anywhere within India or across the world. The businesses that have adopted the direct fabric printer machine in Surat are home decor, fashion, and other textile-related businesses and have experienced wonderful results by implementing modern technology.

The best digital textile printing machine in Surat offers the features mentioned below

  • Lively Colours: It is time to say “Goodbye!” to the faded and dull prints. The advanced color management system of the direct-to-fabric printing machine produces lively and true colors that enhance the designs. The state-of-the-art technology can generate an extraordinary visual experience by printing on any type of fabric like silk, cotton, polyester, and much more.
  • Detailed and Accuracy: Textile digital printing machines are well-known for their detailed and accurate output. The visual experience was affected due to the traditional printing methods. Our best digital printing machine in India generates the exact pixel design on the fabric, which delivers the most complicated patterns and designs with amazing clarity.
  • Flexibility: The fast-evolving fashion industry has demanded flexible direct printing on fabric textile printers. Thus, the digital printing machine for fabric should be compatible with a wide range of fabrics. Be it a natural or synthetic fabric such as silk, cotton, polyester, nylon, and much more respectively, the direct-to-fabric printer should produce amazing results irrespective of the fabric type.
  • Budget-Friendly: Purchasing the best digital textile printing machine in Surat can be the best investment with an exponential ROI. The color management system and other cutting-edge technology ensure minimum waste, low maintenance, low operational cost, and high productivity.
  • Environment-Friendly: Global warming has been a global concern, and industries are opting for a sustainable solution. The engineering of the direct fabric printers is to ensure the minimum harm to nature. Industrial fabric printers are designed to operate with minimum consumption of water, carbon emissions, and chemical waste without compromising quality and performance.

Why Grando offers the best Direct to Fabric printing machine in India

Grando has a professional R&D team and a presence of more than 10 years spread across Surat and many cities within India. We feel proud to have more than 110 dealerships spread out globally.

Our domain experience, market insights, and customers’ requirements keep us on the toes to deliver the best possible solution without any burden to the pocket.

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Technical Specification

Print Head Ricoh GEN6
Number of Nozzles 1280 Each Head (8) 1280 Each Head (16) 1280 Each Head (18/24)
Colors 8 6/8
Height of Printing Head Max 100mm Adjustable
Size of Ink Droplet 5 – 15PL ( Variable dot with dual channel print head)
Maximum Material Width 1850mm
Working Width 1800mm
Maximum Speed (8 Colors) 60mPer Hour (360×1200 DPI 2pass)
102m Per Hour (508×600 DPI 2pass)
40m Per Hour (360×1800 DPI 3pass)
70m Per Hour (508×900 DPI 3pass)
120mPer Hour (360×1200 DPI 2pass)
204m Per Hour (508×600 DPI 2pass)
60m Per Hour (360×1800 DPI 3pass)
136m Per Hour (508×900 DPI 3pass)
306mPer Hour (508×600 DPI 2pass)
204m Per Hour (508×900 DPI 3pass)
Belt Rectifying Device Yes
Flatting Device Yes
Feeding Tension Control Magnetic Powder Clutch
Maximum Weight 200 Kg
Heater Dryer Machine: 23kw
Applicable Ink Reactive/Disperse/Acid
Ink Tank Volume 5 L Continuous Inking Supply System with negative pressure system
RIP Sorftware Neostampa Delta
Computer Windows7 64bit /win10, CPU 17 Mermory: 32 GB RAM/ 256 GB SSD
Interface USB3.0
Power Supply AC380V 50-60HZ
Power Consumption 8.5kw
Working Enviorment Temperature: 15-25 centi degree, Humidity: 40-80%
Machine Dimenssion Printer: W3938*D2300 *
Printer: W3938*D2300 *
Packing Dimenssion Printer:W4150*D2200 *
Printer:W4150*D2200 *
Machine Net Weight Printer:1600KG/Extra dryer:800KG Printer:1700KG/Extra dryer:1000KG