Position Printer

HEAD : Epson i3200, RICOH G6
INK : Dye Reactive Ink
COLOR : 4/8 colors

Transform Your Printing Demands with Our Position Printing Machine

Are you tired of the traditional printing methods that consume time and resources? Have you ever missed the deadline or lost an order due to inefficient output? Just say “Goodbye” to the outdated traditional printing processes and adopt the efficient Grando digital printing machine in Surat or from anywhere across India or the world.

Our cutting-edge technology offers direct printing from the PC without any requirement to install the printer driver. We are a leading digital printing machine manufacturer from Surat with an established network within India and worldwide that facilitates businesses to streamline their printing process without any hurdles.

Key Features of Our Position Printer Direct Printer

  • Speed and Precision: The most common challenge we received was the traditional printers lack the combination of speed and precision. Our R&D team engineered to transform the printing method. Our position printing machine delivers precise output with high speed effectively and efficiently. Our clients who have benefited from our digital printing machines belong to the signage business, textile industry, and many more sectors. Adopting the technology has helped them to achieve high standard printing quality with consistency and timely.
  • Transformation of Printing Process: Setting up our position printers is a friendly process. The direct printer feature facilitates the customer to directly printing from the PC without printer driver installation. Thus, cutting down the lengthy installation process and starting efficiently and effectively. Configuring direct printing is seamless within the existing workflow, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free printing experience every time.
  • Adaptability: In this fast-paced changing market demand, adopting the digital printing solution is a wise choice. Our well-designed digital printing machines ensure that the customers stay up-to-date and ready to fulfill the market demand before their competitors can. Our position printing machines are capable enough to deliver exceptional results for large volume orders, vibrant colors, or to print complex designs.

Why Choose Grando Digital Printing Machine?

  • State-of-the-art Technology: The position printing machines in Surat are equipped with the latest technology to meet the challenges of traditional printing methods and the fast-paced changing market demands.
  • Quality Assurance: Each and every manufactured digital printing machine goes through rigorous quality tests. Thus, ensuring the highest customer satisfaction and lowest failure rate. We aim to deliver high-performance and reliable direct printers for seamless business operations.
  • Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty: Our motto is to deliver the best possible solution to earn customer satisfaction and loyalty. We have successfully created a network of more than 110 dealerships across the world and keep expanding.
  • Innovation: Our professional and experienced R&D team helps to continuously deliver innovative solutions to gain customer loyalty. We continuously aim and develop new features, functionalities, and capabilities to enhance the printing experience of the users.

How can Grando’s digital printing machine help you?

Grando is into manufacturers and supplying of wide range of printing solutions in Surat such as:

We offer technical services to the customers to ensure a smooth customer journey. Right from choosing the right printer for the business requirement, installation, and configuration of the printing machine, training the users, and post-sales support, we have all covered for you under a single roof.

Stay updated and ahead of your competitors!

Reach out to us and schedule a consultation session, get a printing solution proposal along with a quotation, and learn the benefits of choosing us as your printing solution partner. Join the ranks of satisfied customers who have embraced the future of printing with our innovative solutions.

Technical Specification

Print Head Epson i3200 RICOH G6
Print head Qty 4 pcs 8 pcs 4 pcs 8 pcs
Nozzle Amount 3200 Nozzles 1280 Nozzles
Effective Print Width 360*1200 dpi 360*1800 dpi
720*1200 dpi 720*1800 dpi
508*600dpi 508*900 dpi
Colour 4/8 colors
Speed 80m2h,40m2h 150m2h,80m2h 140m2h,70m2h 280m2h,140m2h
Ink type Reactives, Disperses, Pigments, Acid Ink
Drying type Independent drying unit
Maximum drying power 20KW
Winding device Inflatable shaft constant tension motor
Print head Height 2—5mm Adjustable
Transfer medium Conveyor belt
Transmission model USB 3.0
RIP Software Neostampa, Maintop6.0, Photoprint