Sublimation Printer (12 Head)

MODEL : CEJ-1912TX Plus
HEAD : Twelve i3200 A-I Print Heads EPSON ORIGINAL
PRINTING WIDTH : 79.9 in. (2008 mm)
INK : Dye Sublimation Ink
COLOR : 4 Colors Optional
RESOLUTION : Maximum 3600dpi

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1.9m Industrial High Speed Dye Sublimation Printer with Twelve I3200-A1 Print Heads

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12 1

3600 dpi – 1pass

7000 mtr/24 Hrs.(44″)


Technical Specification

Model CEJ-1912TX Pro
Print Head Twelve i3200 A-1 Print Heads
Droplet Size 3.5pI
Acceptable Media

Width 79.9 in.(2030 mm)

Thickness Maximum 30 mil(1 mm)

Weight 1250 kg

Printing Width 79.9 in.(2008 mm)
Ink Cartridges

Type Dye Sublimation Ink

Capacity Siphon + Automatic Ink Replenishment

Color 4 colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black)

Printing Resolution Maximum 3600 dpi
Printing Speed 1pass – 7000 mtr / 24 Hrs.(44″)*
Print media control Air Shaft Automatic Take-up
Interface USB 3.0
Power Supply AC 220V + 5%, 16A, 50/60 HZ
Power Requirement Printer – 2500W , Drying Unit Power – 8 KW
Dimensions(with stand) 144(W)x29.5(D)x72(H) in [ (3670(W)x750(D)x1850(H) mm )]
Dryer External Automatic Air Heat Integrated Dryer
Package Dimensions

Entirety Packing : 145(W)x30(D)x73(H) in.

Split Packing : 3800(W)x560(D)x1750(H) mm

CPU Configration Core i7 / i9 , RAM 16 GB, HDD – Min. 1 TB, SSD – 5OOGB, Graphics Card
Standard Components External Automatic Air Heat Integrated Dryer, Low Ink Alarm System, Air Shaft Media Loading and Take-up, and Automatic Moisturizing and Cleaning Init
Accessories USB cable, media clamp, manual, drain bottle, ink cartridges etc